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Karina Ivanova

Welcome to the exhibition room of cinematic magic – the Lithuanian film festival 'Kinopavasaris'! Here you'll discover the brightest gems of world cinema, immerse yourself in the atmosphere of captivating plots and profound emotions awaiting you throughout the event. Dive into the cultural diversity, enjoy films that transport audiences to various corners of the world. On the exhibition room of Kinopavasaris, you can not only indulge in cinematic art but also exchange impressions with other cinema enthusiasts, discuss the films you've seen, and share your own experiences. The fresh air and cozy atmosphere of the will create the perfect environment for immersing yourself in the world of cinematic art. Feel the exhibition room excitement of discoveries and inspiration as you explore films of different genres and formats presented at the festival. Join us on the exhibition room of Kinopavasaris and unleash your cinematic fantasies, immersing yourself in the world of amazing stories and emotional experiences that unfold before every festival attendee."


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