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Justyna Kazinec

The kiosk captures what is quintessentially Vilnius. As a first-year interior design student, Justyna Kazinec, I'm constantly seeking new perspectives. When you search "Vilnius" on Google, you're likely to encounter images of the city's historic Old Town, the majestic Cathedral, and the iconic TV tower—symbols of its rich historical and cultural heritage. However, I chose to depict the view that the majority of Vilnius residents experience daily. The city still harbors many Soviet-era residential buildings, which are an essential part of its contemporary landscape. Balconies and the typical vistas of residential districts are a familiar sight for many locals. In my work, I aim to portray this stark urban scene, enhancing it with the vibrant colors of the Lithuanian flag to bring a touch of brightness to the everyday cityscape, while highlighting its dynamic and vibrant character.


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