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Saulius Dzindzilevičius


The square is intended not only for students to exhibit their work, relax, and enjoy leisure activities, but also to be transformed into an open-air cinema in the evenings. The composition of the square is based on a central axial symmetry, taking the KTDM logo as its basis. The floor of the square is paved with irregular red bricks or red granite pieces. In the center of the square, there is a rectangular fountain with a column in the middle with a sphere on top, on which stands an aurochs - the symbol of Kaunas. The composition of the fountain symbolizes the city of Kaunas surrounded by waters. And the two smaller fountains nearby represent the two main rivers, the Nemunas and the Neris, and their confluence in Kaunas.

On the side edges, near the main entrance to the square, two container modules are placed in a V shape, rotated 40 degrees relative to each other, spaced 1100mm apart, connected by a glass gallery with the glowing KTDM logo. The gallery symbolizes the city of Kaunas, which is at the crossroads of land, water, air, and railways. The glass passage connects not only the right and left containers but also serves as a passage connecting the exterior with the inner courtyard.

The containers are intended to exhibit the works of students studying various specialties at KTDM; sculpture, ceramics, jewelry, photography, advertising, and interior design works are planned to be exhibited with interactive screens. Therefore, glass display cases are installed on the facade of the module. On the square side, moisture-resistant neutral-colored panels are used to exhibit works, leaving the remaining parts in the industrial materiality of the container. The floors are made of technical wood panels. The courtyard facade is adorned with wooden finishing. Display areas for works resistant to environmental influences are installed in the square. The square's exhibition stands and lamps are made of rusted metal and concrete finishes. The benches are made of concrete with wooden finishes. The modules are raised on a wooden platform, which can be used as a terrace for an outdoor café.

At the other end of the square, opposite the containers, a stylized monument symbolizing Gediminas' columns is installed, composed of the colors of the national flag.


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