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Kotryna Kuraitė

The exhibition with exterior solutions represents my homeland – Lithuania (greenery, sand, sea, trees) and in the interior design - Nida and my educational institution Vilnius College of Technologies and Design (photography studies). This easily exportable exhibition is designed to make a person feel calm while admiring the photographs of the landscape of Nida and seeing the amber and sand under his feet. Nida is a place that is always good to return to when you want to regain peace and harmony. This corner of the seaside is truly magical, you will hardly see and feel so much beauty, nature, lagoon, and sea majesty anywhere else! What is more, amber is not only the king of Lithuania among crystals, but also one of the oldest and most fascinating creations of nature in the world. It is traditionally associated with life and solar energy. It is believed to carry positive energy, help overcome depression and apathy, and promote physical and emotional healing. And it doesn't matter if you visit the exhibition when it is by the sea or in the middle of your city. I believe that this place would bring us good energy and peace.


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