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Eglė Sadaunikaitė`

Hi I am Eglė and here is some information about my work: So Lithuania has spectacular lakes, forests and national parks that offer great opportunities to enjoy the beauty of nature. Lithuania's nature is beautiful both day and night, with clear skies and spectacular sunsets and sunrises.

Ishaped the entrance and the window in the form of Lithuania, so that visitors could get a glimpse of Lithuania.A little bit about me: I am a freshman in interior design, so I created a space that resembles a cosy room. So I chose the theme of a modern village to have a village mood, I used wood (old Lithuanian huts were only made of wood), to show that Lithuania is modern, I used Led and for convenience I used bean bag. and finally, I added synthetic grass to the floor covering to add a touch of naturalness.

I am a nature lover myself and wanted to convey the beauty of Lithuania and my love for nature.


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